This is a story about a young boy name Tanielu, who's mother passed away when he was only 6 years old, and sister Maselina was 5.

A close friend to the family name Fiso adopted Tanielu and put him in the family's plantation alone as a Tumasina all his life.

Tanielu started to wonder about a lot of things, then, a mystery woman appeared in his dream and told him what his future holds.
What he was told to do, changed Tanielu.

Was it only a dream? And who was Sofania?

Starring: Tole'afoa Fa'alifu Lauina as Tanielu
& Lumepa Matafeo as Sofania

Story written & directed by:
Tanupo Fiu Fogalevai Lemalu Aukuso

Director of Photography:
Faumuina Taufau Gardenia Aukuso


*No Subtitles

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